World of tanks game cheat gold, credits, experience, crew kit

World of tanks game cheat gold, credits, experience, crew kit

World of tanks cheat gold, credits, experience, crew kit 

World of Tanks – Computer game MMO produced and published in 2011 by The game is based on the payment model free-to-play.

The game focuses on the battles between armored players in PvP interactions with the use of various types of combat vehicles. A player has more than 350 tanks (light, medium, heavy), self-propelled guns and tank destroyers from the period of World War I to the early Cold War, from the United States, Czechoslovakia, the USSR, the Third Reich, France, Britain, China , Japan and Sweden. These units in the game in part based on their historical counterparts, but modified for practical reasons for the game, and in part this is purely fictitious vehicles.

In February 2013, the number of registered players has exceeded 50 million. The game was entered into the Guinness Book of Records in the category of “the largest number of players logged at the same time on a single server MMO” (January 21, 2013 on one of the servers, the Russian was 190 541 registered players). The previous record also belonged to the game – 23 January 2011 on the server was 91 311 people.

Since June 2015, the effort Bauer Publishing House published magazine devoted to the game “World of Tanks” created by the editors of “CD-Action”.

At the beginning the player gets his disposal, one tank of each nation (of the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, the United States, France, Britain, China, Japan, Czechoslovakia). As you gain experience and credit can buy upgrades to the tank and develop tree technology, which allows you to unlock the next vehicle. Improvements include a motor vehicle, a tower chassis, and has a radio, allowing you to experiment and increase combat capabilities. All modifications to its historical justification – exist as prototypes or have been introduced in reality.

The game also has a system of promotion staff – a more experienced crew will verify better on the battlefield; training of the crew of 100% was loading will be faster, mending and efficiently served a tank player in comparison to the crew with a smaller percentage of training of. The player also has the ability to load equipment for your tank, ranging from camouflage netting, which reduce the risk of notice tank by the enemy, and ending with modern guidance systems (which increase the rate targeting work), or dosyłaczach (which can not be loaded in the tanks of the charging cylinder, and only vehicles with loading bullets one by one).

There is also operating equipment, such as a first aid kit that heals a wounded crew member, whether a repair kit that corrects damaged or destroyed tank module for full value, in contrast to auto repair, which heavily damaged module repairs only to the condition slightly damaged.

A player can not destroy everything in the game – this is due to technical limitations. However, some objects such as hedges, trees, street lamps, telegraph poles and some buildings can be easily crushed.

The damage to the tanks is multi-layered and depends on several parameters such as the angle of impact of the projectile casing thickness etc. Calculation ‘penetration, injury, damage modules takes place by means of percentage, for example 50% to damage the modules and 20-15% for ignition engine. For example, hit the engine sometimes cause immobility and damage to the tower results in lack of possibility of its rotation until it irreparable. There is a function repair, so that after some time, defective parts will be repaired, but it will have reduced capabilities, for example. If the engine is damaged, the repair will run only at half power, damaged gun will have less accuracy, damaged the radio will cause reduced range of communication, damaged tower will slowly rotate, etc.

World of Tanks offers the following modes:

Random battle – a battle involving two 15-passenger, randomly matched teams consisting of vehicles on the same level; there is the opportunity to play with one or two friends in a band after meeting in the so-called. platoon:
Battle Standard – teams are supposed to occupy the enemy base and destroy all vehicles the opposing team,
assault – one team attacks while the other aims to defend the base,
Battle Meetup – two teams have the goal to get a base situated at the center of the map,
War of clans (beta) – mode allows you to fight bands of up to 100 players, consisting of the acquisition of territories on the world map; teams begin in the starting locations, as you progress get access to new territories
Company – mode similar to the random battles, with the difference that the composition of both teams (the company) is not randomized and selected by the founder of the company,
Team Battle – Battle mode involving two teams consisting of up to seven players; system of selecting teams is based on the level of experience of players, allowing you to play with players of a similar level of the game. Battles are limited to the level VIII.
fortresses – mode relies on building fortresses by clans. To participate in this mode, the clan must have more than 20 members. In this mode, there is a new currency: industrial raw materials with which to build the fortifications giving a lot of benefits. Industrial raw materials can be earned in battle, known as battles where fighting only members of the clan. After the construction of suitable buildings will be available reserves and combat equipment operating. Reserve a time-limited events giving all clan members benefits such as increased amount of acquired loans, increased the amount of acquired experience and the increased amount of acquired free experience. They are selected by the commander or deputy commander of the clan. Combat equipment operating this equipment which will be used during the battle of the fortresses, the attack or defense. These are eg. Mines, bombers and artillery support. To participate in the defense or attack fortresses, you can hire up to five “legionnaires” who are not members of the clan.

Planned game modes:

Battle garage – players can use several tanks in one battle (one by one)
War of clans (release) – full version clan wars; players from the servers of European, Russian and American will be able to do battle on one common world map.

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