Toy Defense: Fantasy Tower TD !cheat cheats android ios download

Toy Defense: Fantasy Tower TD !cheat cheats android ios download


Toy Defense: Fantasy Tower TD !cheat cheats android ios download

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy allows you to visit the new MAGIC world full of handsome warriors, fearless archers, skilful goblins and immersive magic atmosphere!

We’ve added a tournament mode! Check in thrilling weekly tournaments! Try to beat your friends and get all the sensational prizes! Follow the progress of Facebook friends on a map to know the level of rivals!

More than 15 million users around the world playing games in the series, Toy Defense! Be one of the first players of the third series of reads Toy Defense – Toy Defense 3: Fantasy! Face nasty goblins and terrifying dragons! The greatest magical battle of all time is waiting just for YOU!

Take on the X-century commander and catch up courage Richard the Lionheart! Recruit and train warriors, wizards, archers and medics, to create a powerful army and defeat the enemy forces! Defend the castle and prove his courage, driving the vile monsters from your lands!


▶ Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a medieval fantasy
▶ phenomenal graphics and amazingly detailed medieval environment
▶ Take the wicked generals at the end of every wave!
▶ Invite your friends to play together in the magical world!
▶ Challenge your friends in the exciting weekly tournaments!
▶ Unique levels with unique gameplay!
▶ More than nine types of units, from trolls and goblins after dragons and mercenaries
▶ Develop your own unique strategy using six specific improvements towers
▶ Four useful bonuses – meteorite, renewal, regeneration and freezing
▶ Get all the achievements, check your fighting spirit on the battlefield and enjoy the extensive campaign!

Feel the thrill of medieval battles! Sand the skills of its knights, build more defensive fortification and develop its own strategy to defeat the enemy army! Time once and for all get rid of the evil of your land!


This !cheat Toy Defense: Fantasy Tower TD include:

Unlimited Weapons

Unlimited Gold

Unlock all items





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