The Battle of Sol !cheat cheats android ios download

The Battle of Sol !cheat cheats android ios download



The Battle of Sol !cheat cheats android ios download

You are a single traveler in a strange nieeuklidesowym world. Collect as many treasure before you will hunt down monsters. Take a tour of 13 different worlds, each with its own set of treasures, monsters and obstacles. Your mission is to win the ultimate treasure, Sphere Yendoru. Get one of them to win! Or just ignore Sphere Yendoru and seek common treasures.

The game has a unique geometry: this is one of the few games taking place on the plane hyperbolic. Follow board consisting of hexagons and siedmiokątów, straight lines that appear to be parallel, but diverge and do not intersect, triangles sum of angles less than 180 degrees, as it is very difficult to go back to the same place, and how the world appears to be rotated, when you return to the same place. All these effects are important for the game. The game is inspired by the roguelike genre (treating this genre very minimalist), M. C. Escher prints and puzzles such as Deadly Rooms of Death.

Play free version HyperRogue, or buy HyperRogue Gold, to have access to the Euclidean mode, fraud, and online rankings and achievements (via Google Games Services). HyperRogue Gold is also frequently updated (currently contains 7 additional lands, with unique mechanics). If you care about the small size applications, download HyperRogue Lite without music. You should also play a computer version HyperRogue!


This !cheat The Battle of Sol include:

Unlimited Health

Unlimited Gold

Unlock all items


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