Police VS Robbers 3 !cheat cheats android ios download

Police VS Robbers 3 !cheat cheats android ios download



Police VS Robbers 3 !cheat cheats android ios download

Police car action driving game, Police VS Robbers 3, is a new, thrill-filled, action-pumped police car driving sim game. Take to the city streets in highly detailed police cars and catch the robbers in sports cars from the city, get close and help your cop partner so they can shoot at the criminal! ALL 20 LEVELS UNLOCKED AND MULTIPLE POLICE CARS TO UNLOCK!
Amazingly detailed 3D police car and sports car models!
20 New Diverse police vs robbers driving Missions, All Unlocked for Free!
With Unique and Realistic police car driving, control both driver and the gunner!
New and Exciting Missions! The thrill of the chase and the intense action of firing real-life machine guns!
Police VS Robbers 3 comes with 20 exciting missions and objectives where you will take control of a city police car, driving fast through the city streets to pursue the criminal drivers, shooting at the sports cars, ramming into them, going at super fast speed, and so much more!
In the early missions of Police VS Robbers 3, missions start off easy, easing you in to becoming a skilled police car driver.
As you progress through this police car simulation driving game, advancing missions will get harder, testing your police car driving skills and shooting accuracy which will help you unlock more new, cool and realistic police car vehicles to help you progress through the missions and collect the rewards of your success!
You will be able to drive fast to catch the criminal, hang out of the police car window and start firing rounds from the realistic machine gun to stop the robber!
Once all of the levels are complete in Police VS Robbers 3, you will become the best and most skilled police officer car driver!
Looking to test your police car driving skills and have a great time catching the criminals throughout the city? Well then, pick up the controller and become the greatest police car driver in Police VS Robbers 3!


This !cheat Police VS Robbers 3 include:

Unlimited Coins

Unlock all cars





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