Neo Monster Cheat android ios download

Neo Monster Cheat android ios download


Neo Monster !cheat Cheat android ios download

Neo Monsters is a game designed for Android platform, reminiscent of the famous series Pokemon. The production was created by studio ZigZaGame (known from Hunter Island), and is published by NTT Resonant – a special branch of the Japanese telecommunications company NTT Communications. The title is made available for a small amount, but occur in the micropayments.

The story told in the Neo Monsters is not too surprising. Players take the heir of his uncle, who lived in Othlon. On-site, but we will not sit idly at home, because our ward is going to be a champion trainers monsters, what we have to help him.

Neo Monsters on the Android platform is an RPG in which traverse outpost in search of new creatures. Prepared by the developer world is very large, so it was divided into six smaller zones. Fun, as in the Pokemon cycle, the catching is encountered creatures which then can train, increasing their capacity. All this, to the possession of monsters to create a team that issue to fighting with other coaches.

In total, the capture of more than 900 creatures waiting divided into several main categories (fire, water, shadow etc.). Each has strengths and weaknesses, and such. Stworek assigned to the element of fire is doing well against the natural beings, but it has big problems with water. Therefore, the team must be completed in such a way as to be prepared for various contingencies. In addition, some of the beasts are able to work with others, so that we carry out stronger attacks.

Fighting roll with both opponents controlled by artificial intelligence, as well as with other players. In addition, we perform special missions, allowing to hit the higher positions in the world ranking trainers.

Graphically Neo Monsters on the Android platform, like other Japanese two-dimensional role playing game. Production is characterized by a mango style, the story is told with the help of static scenes, where you have to wade through a lot of ups spoken by the character issues, and during the fight there is no shortage of different flares and lighting effects.

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