LEGO® Juniors Quest !cheat cheats android ios download

LEGO® Juniors Quest !cheat cheats android ios download



LEGO® Juniors Quest !cheat cheats android ios download

“Vanished cat a little girl, like a dangerous robber who escaped from a nearby police station.
This is based on the story game is designed for children from 4 to 7 years of age. The task of the player is to catch the robber and find a missing cat.

While searching for the child to meet lots of friendly form: creative construction workers, nice lady, a princess in a castle unlucky businessman, mechanic gas station, a cool surfer. Of course, it is also time for fun with police dogs.

Quest is to use fun mini-games to invent compelling story with a happy ending, which inspire many hours of creative play area outside the computer, with LEGO® blocks without them.

* No purchase from within the application
* NEW: Lessons tabs allow you to unlock new and interesting content
* NEW: An interesting map that always shows where you are and where you go. After unlocking all levels of the child may perform a favorite task as many times as he wants.
* NEW: An additional level on the beach – surfing the waves, collect more tabs.
* Clear, attractive, nice animations and soundtrack
* Intuitive icons and navigation for easy game – literacy is not required
* Virtual building with LEGO® bricks
* No third-party ad
* No links to websites


This !cheat LEGO® Juniors Quest include:

Unlock all items

Unlimited Gold


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