LEGO BIONICLE 2 !cheat cheats android ios download

LEGO BIONICLE 2 !cheat cheats android ios download



LEGO BIONICLE 2 !cheat cheats android ios download

Makuta sent Umaraka Hunter deep into the labyrinth of Control in seeking the Mask Control, which once belonged to him. Join Toa and issues to join forces with the beings of the elements while fighting enemies encountered in a dangerous maze. Play as Tahu, Lewa and Pohatu to Destroy! Crush! and Smash! all opponents in epic battles. Collect the crystal shards to increase the level of their Toa and unlock and improve their blows, features and special powers.

In this dynamic adventure fighting game you control the powers of the elements belonging to Toa – the question is, if you can control them?

Watch out for Umaraka Hunter! He can not catch the Toa and elemental beings, and to do everything to stop you.

– Touch screen, slide your finger and press the buttons to easily derive powerful attacks and effectively lock and use special powers.
– Collect the crystal shards to unlock new moves and powers and to improve skills.
– Call to help the essence of the elements and unite them with Toa to increase their power.
– Stand up to fight the Warriors Skull Skull Łupaczami, Lords of Skulls and the Umarakiem Hunter.
– Enter the Labyrinth Control & Rescue Mask Control, before it is Umarak Hunter.
– You can play the three Toa and their elemental beings (another three will appear at the next update).
– Collect stars to unlock new battle.



This !cheat LEGO BIONICLE 2 include:

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