Gods Of Rome cheats android ios download

Gods Of Rome cheats android ios download

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Gods Of Rome cheats android ios download

Brawl games inspired by the likes of Mortal Kombat X and Injustice: Gods Among Us, which takes place in the universe, combining elements of antiquity and mythology. The player takes the role of the gods, Titans and gladiators and rolls dynamic duels spectacular arenas – both in the solo campaign, as well as the network mode.

Gods of Rome is a mobile brawl with mythological gods, Titans and gladiators in the main roles, released on Android devices. For the production of the title corresponds to the French company Gameloft, known Sniper Fury, as well as the Modern Combat series, Asphalt and Dungeon Hunter. It issued it in a typical model of a free, offering support micropayments.

The Gods of Rome get to the universe embedded in the era of antiquity. It combines elements of ancient Rome and Greece, including not only the historical touches, but above all those that are part of the mythology. The game world inhabited by the gods, Titans and other fantastic creatures, drawn from the beliefs of the people of that time.

Gods of Rome is a fighting game 1-for-1. Mechanics clashes was inspired mobile games fight the likes of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Marvel Contest of Champions and the Mortal Kombat X. The game does not celebrate the direct control of the warrior, and only deal with the exercise of tremors and gestures to activate the various attacks and special moves. The role of warriors take on the mythologically gods (not just Roman, as the title suggests – among the heroes find a Greek deity), the titans and gladiators – the list of characters, but the ruler of lightning, appear among Mars, Athena, Atlas and Spartacus.

Gods of Rome on the Android platform offers extensive solo campaign in which unlocks the next warriors, and also very welcome for fighting network multiplayer option. The latter allows to deal with people from all over the world, but to take advantage of this opportunity you must have special keys (Divine Keys), obtained in the course of a career, and acquired in the framework of micropayments.

Gods of Rome looks at this very convincingly. The three-dimensional, full details of the arena and nicely animated, made up of a large number of polygons figures do not allow to pass by the game studio Gameloft matter. Very positively the image of the game also influence the struggles accompanying visual effects and lighting.

Gameloft needs no introduction to any lover of playing on mobile devices. The developer has to his credit a number of more or less successful production, even in the Asphalt series. Another proposal is studying Gods of Rome, or brawl with antique figures in the leading roles, which throws the glove projects the likes of Mortal Kombat X.

With such production French title draws quite a lot – the gameplay takes place in an almost identical manner, relying on knocking and dragging your fingers on the touch screen device. In contrast to the hit Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, fun in the Gods of Rome is not so smooth. It is very hard to block the blows of the opponent, and the game encourages dusting opponents random combos, rewarding the attackers mighty powers. Shortly writing, gameplay lacks depth. It seemed that the other mobile fights also seriously suffer because of this, but in this case is really bad.

Of course, at first I did not bother to reap fun of fighting, as skirmishes are very effective, and artwork Gods of Rome is really a high-flying. Nevertheless, all quickly bored when monotonous, schematic and devoid of imaginative gameplay mechanic begins to tease. This is even more burdensome, that developers have created quite a long campaign narrative, and a list of characters can not complain.

So how in the end falls brawl Gameloft? Average. On the one hand, this is a nice game, spectacular, with a long campaign and interesting characters. On the other, gameplay mechanic is not very smooth, repeatable and quickly bored. The title is available for free, so it does not hurt to try, but do not expect miracles.

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