Fairy Kingdom: World of Magic !cheat cheats android ios download

Fairy Kingdom: World of Magic !cheat cheats android ios download




Fairy Kingdom: World of Magic !cheat cheats android ios download

Welcome, my Ruler! Now this is your Fairy Kingdom and you can make it as prosperous and splendid as it was once. You’re going to like it if you are into city building and farming. Build a magnificent Castle in the village, save a princess, remove a spell from a mermaid, domesticate a dragon, plant a garden, reap the harvest from the farms to feed your citizens, defeat an evil witch and help a prince in love!

Fairy Kingdom is a fairytale about a young Fairy in the fairies world and an evil Witch, of the triumph of love over spite and greed. Fairy Kingdom is a unique blend of city building, farming and mysteries solving. You, my Ruler, can build, improve, and give life to your Kingdom and its citizens and farmers! Explore your property to expand your land, build your Kingdom and gather resources to upgrade your farming production.

In a Feeric world host by fairies, build an awesome castle in the middle of your kingdom, plant apples, fight witches and avoid their curses and be the hero of our tale! You can build a world like Snow White!
You’ll find everything in this stunning and addictive Tale like on your best platform didi, the awesome mafa and also ella. You can play and be like the wonderful giselle or daisy on girl. Our fairies are as kind as Your Tooth Fairy!

It’s all about heroes and their adventures, building cities and royal castles, and exploration of new lands with its cities, villages and farms. This is a story of mysteries, elfs, treasures and magic, but first of all, this is your story, Your Majesty. Love fairy universes.

What to expect:
– Meeting with an awesome vegan-dragon
– Learning the mystery of a ghost who lost his memory
– Learning the mystery of the enchanted Princess and Prince
– Solving the puzzle of a crazy alchemist
– Learning the story of a talking cat
– Taking care of Mermaids
– Fighting the treacherous and evil Witch
– Solving the financial crisis of your Kingdom
– Learning the love stories of a female dragon-hunter
– Finding old treasures and hiding new ones
– Visiting balls and much, much more mysterious, magical and royal

Once you help your Kingdom and build it, you will explore the unknown lands. Only a smart and resourceful ruler will be able to solve all of the puzzles and problems that come with building and governing a Fairy Kingdom, its villages and cities!

Create your own world and Castle in this enchanted kingdom and use your spell to counter the curses of evil witches. You are now a Fairy with wings and can fly through your kingdom to manage your plants and take care of your fairies rulers.

If you haven’t downloaded our game yet then you aren’t sure of your powers. Stop doubting yourself and become the ruler of your Kingdom! Build your own Kingdom, rule it, help your citizens to live in prosperity, plant a garden, and collect the harvest from the farm. Over a million of players around the world are playing Fairy Kingdom and now it’s your turn!

Become a member of the Fairy Kingdom community. Here, you will find all of the latest news, exciting contests and presents, learn the secrets of experienced players on how to build the best Kingdom and, of course, make new friends.



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