Colossatron !cheat cheats android ios download

Colossatron !cheat cheats android ios download




Colossatron !cheat cheats android ios download

Colossatron: “The threat to the whole world” is the story of the largest and most powerful beings ever declared war on humanity. This time, YOU are the bad guy!

Take the reins of the huge robot in the shape of a snake, easily equating the ground of the city on the way to creating a most terrible weapon in the history of the world. Your goal is simple: DESTROY EVERYTHING!

Developed by you Colossatron able to fight the formidable their General Moustache and his troops. Fights will be more and more exciting. Colossatron will be surrounded by a swarm of tanks, trucks, bombers, and seem to be that there are too many and there is no chance of victory.

Colossatron is the key to victory. Assemble it with the on-screen color Cores Power. Color combinations and gadgets that you can unlock, create a larger, more powerful weapons and more powerful cores. There are thousands of combinations. Use everything in your reach to become invincible strategist, directing a robot named Colossatron!

Chaos battle is broadcast live by helicopter Action News 6 Events relate Rick Dalton and Katie Hazard. Counter injuries monitor your progress during frantic battles, which covers the entire world.

Colossatron: “The threat to the whole world” is a fast game without a moment’s respite. The battle starts NOW!

This !cheat Colossatron include:

Unlimited Prism

Unlimited Cash












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