Shadow Kings v1.23 Cheat [Add Coins/Diamonds/Wood/Food/Stone]

Shadow Kings v1.23 Cheat [Add Coins/Diamonds/Wood/Food/Stone]


Shadow Kings v1.23 Cheat [Generate Coins/Add Diamond/Take Wood/Make Food/Get Stone]

Hello everyone today, viewing my blog. Today I wanted to present excellent mobile game Shadow Kings . If you play this game probably need special software that will help you get extras in the game. Shadow Kings v1.23 was created specifically for people like you . Developers are working feverishly to facilitate players a game. This software was created by a professional programmer who checked it myself. In addition, the software has been tested by hundreds of users and are happy. Send to continuously positive reviews. Shadow Kings Cheat allows you to create a game with all the necessary accessories, such as diamonds, coins, food or wood, and others. The program has protection bans and connections proxy which allows us to sleep peacefully. Every week there is a software update which will be the new action. Test it yourself , download the software and follow the instructions below and. Shadow King is a wonderful game in which the game a lot of people or better than others and generate items . For this you’ll need only the Shadow Kings v1.23 Tool.



Shadow Kings v1.23 Features:

  • Add Unlimited Coins
  • Create Unlimited Diamonds (Gems)
  • Make Unlimited Wood
  • Take Unlimited Food
  • Get Unlimited Stone
  • Security: proxy connection, anti-ban system
  • Automatic weekly software updates

How to use Shadow Kings v1.23?

  1. Download Shadow Kings and install in your device
  2. Connect your device to PC via USB or Bluetooth.
  3. Download Shadow Kings Cheat.exe and open
  4. Select your device system android or iOS and click ‘button’ detect device
  5. Next, select Shadow Kings v1.23 Features and enter number of items.
  6. You can choose security options: proxy connection and anti-ban system.
  7. Click ‘Start v1.23’ button and wait, software is working now
  8. Finally, go to your game and enjoy! Your items is v1.23ed and generated in game.
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