LEGO® Pull-Back Racers 2.0 !cheat cheats android ios download

LEGO® Pull-Back Racers 2.0 !cheat cheats android ios download


LEGO® Ninjago™ Tournament !cheat cheats android ios download

Fasten your seat belt and pedal to the metal! Pull and release and then get carried away by the new, action-packed racing game LEGO® Pull Back Racers 2.0.

It’s an opportunity to direct the aerodynamic Lightning and rush after the high-speed track or race quad, which easily cope with any wertepami. You can also connect both machines and build them racing off-road vehicle designed for dynamic and adventurous ride. Now, no one can beat you!

• Three brand new vehicles LEGO® – Lightning, quad racing and off-road vehicle.
• An infinite number of tracks with accelerating fields, items to collect and obstacles that can break.
• New Garden locations allow racing on off-road routes.
• Take to the air, doing great jumps.
• Log in with your LEGO ID to race with his colleagues on the pole and climb up the scoreboard

What are you waiting for? Avoid enemies and obstacles and be careful not to run out of fuel!


This !cheat LEGO® Pull-Back Racers 2.0 include:

Unlock all items

Unlimited Gold


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