Kheshig !cheat cheats android ios download

Kheshig !cheat cheats android ios download




Kheshig !cheat cheats android ios download

Today, Tupilak Gaming announce Kheshig a new iOS/Android/Pc/Mac board/strategy game.  Kheshig effectively combines elements from Stratego and dice games to provide a unique gaming experience that can be enjoyed. You command your warriors in this addictive game through battles to locate and capture the enemy’s treasure box. The game blends elements of strategy, anticipation, deceit and luck to provide you with a distinctive gaming experience. Play against the AI to the ultimate show down, or against your friends with the cross platform multiplayer feature.

“Kheshig is a pretty interesting game! Playing against AI makes you realize how deep you need to think to be able to beat your own device” says, Ulrik Motzfeldt-Skovgaard of Tupilak Gaming.

“I truly enjoyed working on this one! The game mechanics are formidable, they look quite simple from the outside but once you start playing you get a feeling of the complex tactics involved in defending your treasure and attacking your enemy”.

This !cheat Kheshig include:

Unlimited Gold / Coins

Extra level

All itmes unblock












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