Gun Strike Blood Killer !cheat cheats android ios download

Gun Strike Blood Killer !cheat cheats android ios download



Gun Strike Blood Killer !cheat cheats android ios download

Aim, fire, and shoot all the enemies with your advanced weapons. As acold-blooded killer, you are called to clear all the terrorist and infiltrate high-profile targets. The number of the enemies is rising, you have to shoot them through the bullets with M1887, M202, Tech Armor, AWP, complete covert combat missions deep inside the terrorist base!

The enemy is advancing. Hide behind obstacles and shoot while moving. Sliding to move and sight. Change weapons as required! It’s time to show your shooting ability, bullets are precious and don’t waste them. Remember to aim at the target before shooting! You, as elite sniper together with once disparate SWAT forces are called for combating terrorist activities. Sniper, it’s no time for diplomacy. It’s time to take action!
Sliding to move and sight. You will receive some free weapons when you first play this game, then tap on the episode to start a mission. You will receive some rewards when you kill one enemy and if you can complete the whole mission, the more reward you will get! Upgrade weapons will help you rise the power, gain higher score and get richer rewards! Also you can switch the weapons in the game as required!

M1887, M202, Tech Armor, AWP, etc. Use all the deadly tricks to kill all desperados in the limit time! Complete targets to get prize to buy more powerful weapons. You can also get rewards when you shoot them. Choose to enter military base or city to protect civilian. Find the best sniper vantage point and make all necessary kill shot. Visit more classified locations in your hunt to eliminate terrors and combat terrorist activity. You are the frontier of this battle against the high risk of the world!

<b>Gun Strike Blood Killer Features:</b>
– Easy and sensitive on-screen touch controls
-Zoom in and identify your targets
– Explore over 30 unique scenes
– Maximum firepower
– Best 3D FPS game
– Free FPS sniper shooting gameplay
– Ultra stunning graphics
– Fantastic music and sound effects


This !cheat Gun Strike Blood Killer include:

Unlimited Health

Unlimited Gold

Unlimited Weapons


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